Laboratory Research Systems


Since 1983, demanding researchers worldwide have made BTX products their choice for critical electroporation and electrofusion applications. Along with several leading electroporation and electrofusion systems, the BTX product line includes over 25 related accessories, including a multitude of specialty electrodes, providing many more choices than any other manufacturer of electroporation products. All BTX products are available through our vast worldwide distributor network.

Harvard Apparatus has acquired the worldwide exclusive right to manufacture and sell, for research use, the full line of electroporation-based instruments acquired by Cellectis from CytoPulse in September of 2010. Please contact us for details at 800-272-2775.

As of January 31, 2003, Harvard Apparatus (a division of Harvard Bioscience) acquired the complete BTX line of products. Since 1903, Harvard Apparatus has provided a wide range of scientific research equipment. Today, Harvard Apparatus offers many exciting products for cell biology research including temperature controlled microscope stages, perfusion equipment, imaging chambers and micro-injectors that complement the BTX product line. Now, this same great line of BTX products is available from the oldest and most trusted name in Bioscience, Harvard Apparatus.

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